Jeffery Molter is an independent creative director and designer based in Venice, Los Angeles. Jeffery started his career in NYC working for the Ferragamo family. An innovative artist, Molter later moved to Los Angeles and was responsible for developing the first sustainable line of upholstery and case-goods in the U.S., launched exclusively at ABC in New York. In the following years he focused his efforts into design projects both commercial and residential. Though he continues to work as a designer, the desire to collaborate with like minded designers, and artisans of luxury crafts, inspired him to open Stahl + Band. 


On the quiet side of Abbot Kinney, is design art destination Stahl + Band. Opened in November of 2015 by creative director and designer Jeffery Molter, the design studio is a zen mecca for modern organic design, artisan made furniture, lighting and an ever rotating collection of fine art. 

Molter built a peaceful space in poured concrete and metal, with accents of warm wood and stone. Created as an open studio, with a ‘no areas off-limit’ approach for the clients. The space is equal parts showroom and gallery. Serving a changing roster of emerging and established fine artists, and carrying a curated collection of home furnishings that showcase the work of artisans and include pieces of Jeffery’s own designs. The space has a rich artistic history, for many years it served as a studio for the legendary actor, artist and Venice resident Dennis Hopper.

Inspired by his German ancestry, Molter chose the name Stahl (Steel) + Band (Ribbon) as an homage to his favorite artist Richard Serra. A literary interpretation of Serra’s sculptural fluidity. The importance of organic materials, and a carefully crafted simplicity, dictates the style of S+B. With equal importance placed on harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and matching craftsmanship, S+B is modern luxury. In addition, S+B highlights emerging fine artists throughout the year. For S+B this “work in progress” approach is an opportunity to inspire what’s to come in one’s own interior.